Rainbow-tinted games

Progress report #1

2017-08-13 19:58:27

I'm feeling really excited about seeing the characters come to life after just two weeks of active development on the game.

Seeing the code, scripts and graphics do their thing and, as the result, seeing the characters banter, grin and blush together is so great. Or maybe it's just the yuri fangirl in me finding everything about girls grinning and blushing at each other great.

But, anyway, two weeks ago there was basically nothing concrete. Now there are walking, talking, frowning, sleeping, worrying, scheming, grinning and blushing characters coming to life, and I'm feeling excited and inspired.

Since it's just two weeks since I started, stuff obviously isn't technically or artistically anywhere near matured, not to mention finished or top notch yet. However, I feel that things are going to the right direction and, given ample time, something good and maybe even pretty should come out of this.

The coming weeks will probably hold more unfinished graphics and random bits of scripted events since most other things can't be reliably improved without there being enough content. Improving graphics and polishing stuff in general probably won't happen until there's enough content to cover at least the main story and romance routes, and not going to be a quickie.