Rainbow-tinted games

Why all these choices?

2017-09-03 08:42:26

So, the game will have a ton of choices, the reason being that the romance and the story adapt to how you treat the NPCs.

For example, certain choices can make Sophie very strong and assertive in the romance, whereas others can push her to the opposite direction. Choices also affect how conflicts occur in the romance, how the two spend their time together and so on. So, you can have many kinds of fair, balanced and serious relationships with different character dynamics.

Or, you can:

  • Go full on dominant and have your way with Bryn at every opportunity.
  • Go super submissive and give Bryn the right signals to have it your way.
  • Be super angsty and difficult to love.
  • Be all happy and gay together despite anything ever.
  • Just pick the most absurd choice every time and see how that works out.
  • Be, like, sensible and reasonable.

So, pretty much whatever floats your boat. Oh, but no adult content or offensive stuff. Only classy yellowish pink pixels, carefully worded speech bubbles and a shameless romance that goes all-out regardless.

By the way, the story of the game will also adapt to your choices much in the same way as the romance. There will be multiple story routes that can trigger depending on what you do or say or how you're perceived overall by different characters, and there are several ways to resolve conflicts and advance the story.