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Progress report #2: 15%?

2017-09-18 22:33:30

After some counting and guessing on how Rose Seed Replica might be progressing, here's the rough estimate: 15% done.

Progress is pretty good right now. I have been mainly focusing on writing because it's the most time-consuming part, but I might actually get most of it done by the end of the year at this rate. I have also been doing graphics at the same time, and the development speed is looking pretty good there too.

Anyway, since I now have this neat spreadsheet that is going to be totally accurate and everything, I guess I could give a more detailed breakdown of how things might be are progressing. The percentages for CGs and audio might actually even be correct.

  • Writing: 15%
  • Sprites: 10%
  • Maps: 20%
  • Code: 60%
  • CGs: 0%
  • Audio: 0%

As already mentioned, writing being in schedule is the main concern at the moment. Drawing sprites and map areas is somewhat of a concern since I'd like to improve the quality so much from the current levels. Coding is the least of the concerns since I'm pretty good at it, and the game doesn't even need that much code to begin with.

CGs will likely stay at 0% or close until writing and other graphics are almost done. They can't break the rest of the gameplay, but changes to other areas could break them, so there's little benefit in drawing them much earlier. Audio will probably stay at 0% for a while too since it's easier to get it right when you know how the scenes, mood and pacing work.

Well, knowing myself, I'll probably get inspired about all the wrong things soon after, and the percentages end up bouncing totally randomly.