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Progress report #4: 50% done

2017-12-19 17:01:06

After lots of intense writing, Rose Seed Replica is now about 50% done. Steady progress and no surprises.

Since I haven't done anything but writing since the last report, changes basically boil down to writing just going from 35% done to 75%. Also, since there's no good way to showcase plain writing, I haven't been posting screenshots and such in a while, but expect more of those in January when I'm done with writing.

Even though nothing but writing has changed, for the sake of completeness, here's the progress of all the individual areas of development:

  • Writing: 75%
  • Sprites: 30%
  • Maps: 40%
  • Code: 75%
  • CGs: 15%
  • Audio: 10%

And here's how each chapter of the game is progressing:

  • CH1: Mostly playable. Only lacks some graphics and fixes for things found during play testing.
  • CH2: Semi-playable. 100% of writing and integration done. Lots of graphics missing.
  • CH3: All writing done. Nothing integrated yet.
  • CH4: 90% of writing done.
  • CH5: 50% of writing done.
  • CH6: 20% of writing done.

I originally intended the game to have 7 chapters, but I ended up merging the second last chapter to the chapter before it. I did that because it makes the end game a bit more suprising and also adds more tension and replayability. Also, even after the merge, there's just no way I could fit the game to those 100k words I originally planned, so I guess it also makes some sense for production reasons.