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Wishlist Rose Seed Replica on Steam!

2020-07-07 19:00

Rose Seed Replica will release on September 9th on Steam and Itch.io. Wishlist it on Steam and help me further the gay agenda!

Also to release on Itch.io

Alternatively, check out the Itch.io page of the game instead, if that's where you prefer to get your games from. However, even if you're going to get the game from there, consider still adding it to your wishlist on Steam, if at all possible. More people wishlisting the game means Steam showing it to more people!

Help spread the gay agenda!

I'd be sweet of you if you could tell your gay best friend, gal pal or someone else appropriate about the game. Every eyeball means a lot to me because there's only so much a lone lesbian lizard can do to spread the word herself!

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