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Whipping My Maid Got Me Into Trouble?!
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Whipping My Maid Got Me Into Trouble?!

Skye sitting in the car

It's one of those nights when you, the pastel pink princess, are busy relentlessly whipping your poor maid. It's all fun and games until this weird Maou person appears and takes your maid away from you.

(And you absolutely weren't weird yourself for whipping your maid in the first place. No, no, no, this is just how your princess life and her maid life work.)

Rainy roads

Anyway, off you go to this devilish Maou castle that is filled with puzzles that you need to solve by whipping things and using your wits. Why would anyone even build a castle like this? Uh, just save your maid so that you can whip her again, alright?

Who made this?


I'm a geeky dyke, a lesbian lizard and an independent game developer. I make LGBT+ themed games, primarily about and for queer women.

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Sensitive content warning

Whipping, abduction, fully clothed characters being lewd

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