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Progress report #3: 1/3 done

2017-11-08 15:10

Rose Seed Replica should be about 33% done now. At this rate, the release date would be sometime in May, 2018.

Well, I have some doubts about the accuracy of my progress tracking spreadsheet, and something unexpected could always mess up the schedule too. Regardless, if nothing too surprising happens, the release date being sometime in May sounds realistic at this point.

Like the last time, here's what my spreadsheet says about the progress of the individual areas of development:

  • Writing: 35%
  • Sprites: 30%
  • Maps: 40%
  • Code: 75%
  • CGs: 15%
  • Audio: 10%

And, as a new thing, here's how each chapter of the game is progressing at the moment:

  • CH1: Mostly playable. Only lacks some graphics and fixes for things found during play testing.
  • CH2: Semi-playable. Writing for all routes done and integrated. Lots of graphics missing.
  • CH3: Just started writing it.
  • CH4: Basically all of the main events written.
  • CH5: About half of the main events written.
  • CH6: About 1/4 of the main events written.
  • CH7: Only random bits of the ending and side quests written.

Yep, the way I develop the game is kind of chaotic, but that's what works for me. Write random bits here and there, experiment with weird stuff, try to get the overall feel of the game right, somehow put the pieces together one by one and then polish it last.

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