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Rainn and Skye
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Rainn and Skye

Queer girls' road trip

Skye sitting in the car

You're Rainn, Skye's girlfriend. Skye has gotten you two a forest cabin for the next few days, and you're tasked to drive there with her — on yet another rainy day.

The road trip features chill driving while chatting with Skye about some likely and unlikely circumstances. And, perhaps, there will be something nice at the forest cabin too once you get there...


The game was originally made for Rainbow Jam 2019 in just 10 days. In 2021, I remade the game for the Queer Games Bundle 2021 with a hand-crafted map, new story, better graphics, proper ending and much more.


Ouch, t-t
  • 2400 words worth of story and dialogue
  • Dialogue changes based on whether you look at Skye
  • Hand-crafted map
  • Semi-realistic car physics
  • Cartoonish 3D graphics
  • Gay banter
  • Sweet ending
  • Pay what you want

Who made this?


I'm a geeky dyke, a lesbian lizard and an independent game developer. I make LGBT+ themed games, primarily about and for queer women.

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