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Rose Seed Replica
This game is not released yet!
  • Estimated release date: 2019
  • Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

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Rose Seed Replica

What's this?


Rose Seed Replica is a tragicomic lesbian love story between two women who are unexpectedly cast to the other end of the galaxy.

It's a really gay game, as in queer women kissing and messing with each other. Like, it's gay first and foremost, so tread with appropriate care if that's not your cup of tea.

There's also a ton of awkward humor, bad puns and silly character interaction, as well as a bit of drama and some sad moments. Also, did I mention that it really is gay?

What's the big deal?

  • 100% yuri
  • 10+ hours long
  • 90+ choices to make
  • 6 different story routes
  • 4 different romance types
  • Awkward humor and light drama
  • Animated pixel-art graphics

What's the story?


Sophie was supposed to be just an ordinary gay scientist. At least that's what she thought until she woke up at the other end of the galaxy with Bryn, a mysterious lady she had just met a night before... or millions of nights before?

How does Sophie react to this unfathomable twist of fate and its consequences? How does she feel about Bryn who clearly has something on her conscience? Anger, sorrow, frustration, compassion, excitement... or affection? That's up to Sophie herself to decide.

Who are the characters?


Sophie is the heroine of our story. She can be kind of spontaneous at times and weirdly inclined toward certain things, but usually she's a rather calm and sensible person. She likes cats and of course girls, even though she rarely got to spend that much time with either.

Before the incident, she was a particle physicist doing research for a somewhat shady private laboratory. Naturally, her disappearing from the entire planet put a definitive halt to her research and whole career there, whether she wanted that or not.


Bryn is the mysterious lady who kind of took Sophie with her to the far end of the galaxy. She appears cool and a bit quiet at first, but do first impressions ever prove right? Could her personality actually be quite different once she's comfortable with Sophie's company?

Actually, who is she anyway, and what did she try to achieve? Even though she looks like a human, is she actually from Earth at all? Like, the technology she had in her possession definitely wasn't from Earth, and she might just have been a wee bit reluctant to accurately answer certain questions about herself.


Some strange individuals inhabit the isolated place where Sophie and Bryn arrive. These individuals might turn out to be helpful as Sophie tries to make sense of the confusion. Depending on what Sophie does, they might even become friends with her over time.

Also, even though meeting new people might be very unlikely somewhere in deep space, who knows if someone else could actually be transported there the same way Sophie and Bryn were. Like, whoever is behind the mess might have no reason to stop with the nonsense...

How does this play?


Well, you mainly just point and click to move around and talk to characters. You're also prompted for decisions at certain point of the game, and those will affect in various ways what happens later.

Depending on how you interact with the characters and the environment, you can end up with different kinds of romances with Bryn, go to different kinds of dates, incite various levels of drama and do some weird and funny things.

Oh, and you might also be able to make sense of some of the nonsense going around if you keep at it.

Who made this?


I'm a a geeky dyke, a lesbian lizard and an independent game developer. I make LGBT+ themed games, primarily about and for queer women.

Content warning: sexual content, self-harm, crude humor, strong language