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Lesbian lizard making queer games

A feel-good lesbian love story about two women unexpectedly cast to the other end of the galaxy.

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Ingredients of my games

About LezLiz
  • Positive representation
  • Shameless romance
  • Queer stories
  • Diverse women
  • Fresh gameplay

What's going on here?

Rose Seed Replica postmortem - mistakes were made

Blog post on

The game only sold 130 copies during the launch week. I made maybe 1000€. It's an abysmal financial failure, no matter how you look at it.

Making the game cost over 26000€ in the course of 3 years, minus various mishaps and time wasted on two game jams and all the side jobs needed to fund development. I funded the game with a 8600€ startup grant from the government, 14000€ from side jobs and the rest from my personal savings.

The rest of this article is the long version: What happened during development, what I did before and after the launch, what was good and what was bad, what went wrong and how I intend to continue from here.

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