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About the lesbian lizard

Who am I?

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I'm a geeky dyke, a lesbian lizard and an independent game developer. I make LGBT+ themed games, primarily about and for queer women, hopefully for a living eventually.

I hope to develop the kind of games that LGBT+ people can truly enjoy; games with queer stories, queer people, queer love and all the other lovely things.

Representing people in a positive and inclusive fashion is especially important to me. I do my best to be nice to the whole spectrum of queer people and make my games a pleasant experience to all of them too.

I also hope to benefit the LGBT+ movement by spreading the messages of equality, acceptance and love with my games. Well, at least to the extent that just one geeky dyke is able.

What is a lesbian lizard anyway?

My nickname is a stylized short for lesbian lizard, but a lesbian lizard is actually something that exists for real too: It's the nickname for the New Mexico whiptail, a species of female-only lizards.

New Mexico whiptails are a natural hybrid of two other lizard species. Because of a little genetic oopsie, only female lizards can be born as the result of the hybridization, but that hasn't stopped them from furthering their lizardly agenda.

They're called lesbian lizards because, even though they reproduce asexually, they mate with each other in order to produce eggs. Yep, it's not just that being gay is a natural thing, but the only way to go for many.

In other words, I actually picked this nickname because it's a subtle way to say that being gay is actually very natural. 😄

Contacting me

You can contact me in any of the following ways:

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